Dashboard Dazzlers
Fun and quirky, these Dashboard Dazzlers can be affixed to all your favorite things. Add personality to your computer, desk or dashboard. Stick ‘em on and watch them spring into action
Rare & Retired Bobbles
Calling all collectors! These retired bobblehead dolls are no longer in production. These remaining bobbleheads are very limited in quantity and are going fast.
Don’t miss your chance to order these collectible sports bobbleheads. Fad Toys features basketball bobbleheads, baseball bobbleheads, football and much more. Each bobble head doll comes with its own matching theme box.

The prices of the following products have been drastically reduced as we need to make room for other merchandise……. our loss is your gain, however don’t wait, in some cases there might only be one or two pieces available of an item!

Disney Bobble head Dolls
These Disney bobbleheads by Alexander Global Promotions feature all your favorite characters from the world of Disney. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Tigger and Pooh are all here and are delightful additions to any Disney collection.